Celebrate the release of Avengers: Infinity War this weekend by throwing your own themed party! We’ve got some awesome ideas for you and the kids, so get ready to become superheroes for the day…

Avengers Costumes

Avengers: Infinity War sees the team unite with the Guardians of the Galaxy against the evil Thanos, who plans to steal the all-powerful Infinity Stones. This means there are plenty of incredible characters to choose from, so superhero dress-up at your party is a must!

Have a look through our full Marvel range for more inspiration!

Avengers Facepaint

A mask that conceals your identity and strikes fear into your adversaries is essential for any superhero. A simple themed face mask can be achieved with our range of face paints, suitable for all skill levels.

A superhero logo on the cheek is an effective tribute to your favourite character whilst all-out green face coverage would obviously make you a Hulk or Gamora.

If you’re feeling more ambitious, why not try a full-character face paint to complement your outfit:

Avengers Party Food

Superhero themed food and drink is easy to do, plus it’s a great way of getting people talking and into the party mood! Here are a few simple ideas for you to try:

Hulk Punch

Pour some Sprite, add a dash of green food colouring and you’ve got Incredible Hulk punch! Just add some slices of limes for a more ‘home-made’ feel.

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Avengers Cakes

If the release of the latest Avengers movie ties in with a family or friend’s birthday, then you could test your superhero skills to the limit, by creating a marvellous Avengers birthday cake!

Transform your miniature cupcakes into superhero cuisine. Add a marshmallow with a pretzel stick as a topping and you’ve got Thor Hammer cupcakes! Food fit for the Gods themselves.


Avengers Jelly

These are no ordinary jellies, these are split-colour superhero jellies! Try your hand at simple yet effective jelly tricks using the primary superhero colours as your theme.

  • Red and yellow for Iron Man
  • Green and purple for Hulk
  • Blue and red for Captain America, you get the gist…


Superhero Party Bags

Superhero themed party bags are super easy to make. Decide on your colour themes, write a slogan, print your character logo or a ‘thank you’ in an appropriate comic font and you’ve made your very own superhero party bags!

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Avengers Party Decorations

Liven the room with a few Avengers themed decorations and you’ve got a creative and fun atmosphere, ready to party!

Avengers Balloons

Find some balloons in your Avengers colours of choice, inflate them and write superhero slogans on them in black marker pen. Kapow! Bang! Zap!

Avengers Bubbles

Keep the kids entertained with superhero-themed bubbles. Find your Avenger colours, add character stickers (available in most supermarkets) and, if you’re feeling especially creative, make a little cape of felt for each bubble wand for increased superhero powers!