Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volkfest (beer festival and travelling funfair). It’s a celebration of Bavarian traditions, which started as a wedding celebration back in 1810, when Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The wedding was so much fun that it became an annual event and it’s been going ever since!

This year, Oktoberfest will officially take place from Saturday 22nd September – Sunday 7th October 2018. Celebrations take place across the world with the main event happening in Munich, Germany. There are also plenty of places to celebrate in the UK on and around these dates (scroll down for an event near you). Before you grab that sausage and pint though, it’s time to think about your Oktoberfest costume…


We don’t just sell lederhosen, we sell the whole Oktoberfest outfit! Look no further than Jokers’ Masquerade for a set of traditionally patterned Bavarian style lederhosen in a choice of colours, complete with matching hats and white frilled lace-up shirts.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different or cheeky, then how about going in our hilarious Brad Wurst costume, with his naughty red wurst sausage! Then there’s our clever Lederhosen morphsuit, designed so that you can party and drink through the face cover without revealing your true identity. Who’s that show-stopping golden guy?!

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Oktoberfest fancy dress… Be inspired.

Beer Costumes

If real ales are your passion, how about donning one of our pun-tastic beer bottle costumes. Our Drunken Pride costume is always a winner at beer festivals, whilst our Grim Reap-Beer costume can be worn again for Halloween just a few weeks later, what’s not to love about that?! Alternatively, go dressed as a giant-sized pint of beer!

Tavern Maid Costumes

Alpine glamour can now be yours, dressed in one of our fair tavern maid outfits. We even offer longer-length, fuller-skirted versions so there’s no excuse not to embrace the Oktoberfest spirit! Choose from a stunning array of traditional Bavarian colours from yellow and green combinations through to reds and pinks. You’ll be all set for pulling those pints in no time!

Beer Dresses

These figure-hugging outfits are guaranteed show-stoppers and not for the faint-hearted. Take your pick from recognisable beer labels such as ‘No-Bra’, ‘Pecs’ and ‘Cools Light’. Wearing these will certainly get you noticed in a sea of Tavern Girls!

Oktoberfest Accessories

Complete your Oktoberfest fancy dress look with some choice accessories and you’ll be all set for the Bavarian funfair! Our stylish Bavarian hat with feather band works with both lederhosen or tavern girl costumes, whilst you can add Bavarian plaits, our Coquette wig for an authentic Oktoberfest hairstyle. Try adding some flowers for a finishing touch!

Oktoberfest Events UK

Oktoberfest is celebrated all over the UK, including:

6th – 8th: Aberdeen
8th: Oktoberfest Pub, Fulham
26th – 20th Oct: Bavarian Beerhouse, London
27th – 28th: Dundee / Erdinger London
29th  Sept: Petersfield / Woking

4th  – 7th & 11th – 14th: London Oktoberfest, Canary Wharf
5th – 6th: Bristol / Essex / Hemel Hempstead / Middlesbrough / Northampton
6th – 9th: Leeds
10th – 14th: Manchester
12th – 13th: Basingstoke / BrightonGoodwood / Maidstone / Swindon
13th – 20th: Camden
17th – 21st: Glasgow
18th – 19th: London Bierfest
18th – 21st & 25th – 31stst: London Oktoberfest, Finsbury Park
19th – 20th: Southend / St Helens / Worcester
19th – 10th Nov: London Bierschenke
26th – 27th: Bath / Enfield / Reading / Portsmouth / Southampton / York
31st – 4th Nov: Edinburgh