Looking to celebrate the last night of yours or your mate’s freedom with something brash, trashy and stand-out? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as Jokers’ Masquerade boasts the biggest selection of rude and inappropriate gear ever found in one wardrobe.

Stag Costumes

If you want to humiliate your stag and don’t fancy dressing-up as a group (more ideas on that below!), then here’s a list of the worst taste costumes for your poor groom-to-be…

Penis Costumes

Yep, number one on the bad dress-up list will always be the “dressing your stag as a giant penis” option. We’re not talking any old giant penis though. Here at Jokers’, we have a whole host of penis styles and what’s more, they’re all inflatable!

Feltham Boobies Waitress

Inspired by the American restaurant chain of a similar sounding name, this bombshell of a costume will certainly be an eye-popping costume choice for your lucky stag. Customise our Feltham Boobies outfit with our great selection of glamour wigs or some simple stag accessories.

Wet T-shirt Costume

If your stag is a bit of an exhibitionist, then he’s getting what he deserves in this prize-winning wet t-shirt outfit! The costume includes a sheer top, padded boobs and “Wet T-shirt Winner” sash. The mini skirt is not included, so you can have fun choosing that separately!

Gimp Costume

Bring out the gimp in this shocking black bondage bodysuit. The best outfit ever for tying your stag up in and leaving somewhere! He’s certainly going to make an impact in this naughty number, complete with straps and authentic looking full-head mask.

Super Sperm Costume

Your stag’s going to love wearing this novelty superhero sperm outfit, inspired by plain silliness in our office and now a staple stag bestseller. He can wriggle his super sperm tail, beat his muscle chest and let his cape flow as he hits the dancefloor with super speed.

Novelty Condom Costume

An impressively oversized sheer condom outfit that’s also lightweight enough to wear. What’s not to love?! Your naked stag is going to revel in wearing this. Boxers or maybe a giant nappy would look great as an eye-catching undergarment.

The list doesn’t end here! Visit our stag night costumes page for more awful inspiration.

Stag Night Accessories

All the stag accessories you need to complete your stag do, from stag night shackles and blow-up dolls through to mankinis and stripper kits, are just a click away from reality! We really do have everything covered here.

Stag Group Costumes

It’s fun to dress-up but you have to know how… Rule number 1 is to get your stag noticed! Here’s a list of hilarious group ideas that work with a stand-out stag.

Jockeys and Knob Jockey

With horse racing season in full swing, what better way to raise eyebrows at the grandstand (or pub!) than by dressing your stag in our hilarious knob jockey costume. Just try to ensure that he doesn’t get caught! Join him dressed as champion jockeys or prize-winning stallions. Here’s a great knob jockey on the train…

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Road Cones and Green Cross Code Man

Your superhero stag will save the day helping the young and elderly cross the road in his retro 70s get up. Meanwhile, you guys can have fun causing havoc and general mischief dressed in our hilarious giant-sized road cones.

Oompa Loompas and Willy Wonka

Don orange facepaint, dungarees and green wigs and oompa-dee-doo around town with your stag dressed as Willy Wonka. N.B. This is only an option if you actually like your stag, so don’t worry and keep reading, we’ve got more worst taste options coming up!

Chickens and Colonel Sanders

Your stag will look finger lickin’ good in our Colonel Sanders suit, complete with his signature wig, facial hair, glasses and cane! Dress as his chicks and hit the street funky chicken style in our hilarious rooster outfits. We’ll make party animals of the lot of you!

Storm Troopers and Darth Vader

If your stag is a Star Wars fan then he’ll love you forever if you dress him up as Darth Vader. The bonus is that you guys get to wear Storm Trooper costumes! Feel the party, use the force and just try to not to join the dark side…

Groping Grannies and Dirty Old Man

If bad taste is your thing then dress your stag as our Dirty Old Man. With his jacket fastened, your stag will look like a perfectly respectable OAP, but a quick release of the Velcro and his oversized manhood will be displayed! For extra laughs, accompany him dressed as a seemingly innocent group of Grannies.

For more stag group ideas, click here.