With the 2018 FIFA World Cup in full swing, we’ve been watching the celebrations of fans from every country as they cheer on their national football team. If there’s one thing we’ve noticed, it’s that the most enthusiastic of them are in fancy dress! Yep, that’s right, the World Cup 2018 is actually one big fancy dress competition. Here’s the complete guide to all the winning World Cup costumes so far, from every fabulous nation that has taken part.

England: Adult Knight Crusader Costume

Cheers for our kingdom and country are being raised by many who’ve dressed as our England patron, Saint George. We’re certainly defending ourselves against opponents dressed as these dragon-slaying knights!

England Football Accessories

There’s always time to get the England bunting and flags out! Check out our full England accessories range here…

Adult Get Real Football

In the office, our Bert has been showcasing his soccor skills dressed as a life-sized football. Raucous fans have been unmissable in this outfit, they’ve just had to ensure that they’re not kicked around the pitch by mistake – “Goal”!

Ladies Referee Costume

Many of you have been tooting your whistles and joining the team dressed as our sporty referees. No one has dared to bend the rules near you in this outfit, although a yellow card is included just incase!

World Cup Country Costumes

Here’s the definitive list of amazing costumes seen on fans across the world for the World Cup 2018. Be inspired…


The Argentinians have completely embraced the Zebra (taken from their black and white striped shoulder strips) at this year’s World Cup. Get their look with our Zebra mask, brave a Zebra mankini or rock Zebra chic in our cute Fever Zebra costume.


Australia has had so many options for dress-up! Some have accessorised wiith cuddly Koalas and we’ve seen plenty of bouncing Kangaroos. If you want to channel Australia but be different, you could opt for our Crocodile Dundee outfit or try a classic bush safari suit.


It should be all about the Smurfs! The Belgian fans have been busy donning lots of red and yellow facepaints and we’re quite disappointed not to have see some of our World Record Breaking Blue Gnome costumes, who are instantly recognisable as Les Schtroumpfs of Peyo.


The Brazilian fans know how to party and have had no problem dancing the night away in national costumes and South American style Rumba dancer outfits. Just add maracas for full effect!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the home of bananas as well as Jurassic Park. We’ve seen plenty of football fans going to matches dressed as giant dinosaurs.


This country comes out top in the World Cup fancy dress competition. Just look at this amazing tiger incarnation – so creative!


Croatia fans were the first to start trending the World Cup Panini sticker look, closely followed by Brazil. So simple yet so effective!


Obviously, Denmark have gone crazy for Vikings! We have Viking helmets as well as authentic looking Viking costumes for both men and women. Alternatively, if the Danes wanted something a little bit different, they could go as a slice of bacon!


See our Saint George Knight Crusader costume above.


Egypt hasn’t been in a World Cup contest since 1990, so this country’s dress-up opportunities for going as an ancient Egyptian is plentiful. Many have transformed into Pharaoh or Cleopatra among mortal fans.


Ooh la-la, France has great costume choices! Some have dressed as traditional Frenchmen in Breton stripes, beret and garlic garlands and others have arrived dressed as Mime Artists. If you’d like to try a French look, how about a Musketeer, a sexy French Maid or even something a little burlesque, you’ll look like you’ve stepped straight out of the Moulin Rouge.


The Germans started Oktoberfest early, grabbing their beers and sausages and heading out to party in lederhosen or as fair tavern maidens.


Icelanders have also channeled their inner vikings. We’ll be honest, we were hoping for a few more of these style costumes on display – pure genius!


The Japanese have been zealous enthusiasts of costume at this year’s World Cup. The land of Ninjas and Geishas holds plenty of dress-up options. Alternatively, some have cut holes in the nation’s flag and painted their faces red, whilst others have dressed like their World Cup mascot.

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Mexicans have proudly donned their serapes and sombreros for World Cup parties Mexico style! Get their look with our rainbow coloured ponchos and Tequila shootin’ girls through to stunning Day of the Dead costumes.


Peru celebrated their first World Cup match win in 40 years this contest and certainly know how to fiesta. Peruvian flags, impressive Inca headdresses and even Alpaca masks have been worn to cheer on team Peru. We don’t offer Alpacas but a sheep mask is totally passable as a Llama, right?!


The Portugese love dressing up as superheroes, so follow their suit and pick one of our colourful red, white or green caped crusaders. Simply customise it with the Portugese flag or the Portugese Superman style logo for true fan authenticity.


It’s all about ornate headgear and national costume for the Russians. If you’re inspired to dress like the host nation, we’ve already sold out of White Russians and Cossack costumes but how about a DIY matryoshka doll? We’ve come across so many World Cup photos of these but the one in this World Cup party photo is a fave. Just grab a few tiny mates and you’re good to go!

Saudi Arabia

Dressed as a billionaire sheikh, you’re obviously part of team Saudi Arabia! Pretend you own a football club, accessorise yourself with wads of cash and flash the latest mobile, you’re sure to pass for the real deal.


Did you know that the word ‘vampire’ originates from Serbia? We’re not sure how many Serbian fans transformed themselves into famous Serbian vampires like Peter Blagojevich, Sava Savanovic or Arnold Paole (Pavle Arnaut) but it’s a cheeky option! Halloween vampire costumes aplenty here, just watch out for the Frenchman with his garlic…


We really wanted to see a group of España fans adopting their native super cool explorer D-d-d-d-d-dora, complete with signature backpack, or even going for the exotic Cantina Gal look. We did see a few men in Spanish Matador style hats though, so all is not lost!


We also wished we’d seen some Super Trooper ABBA costumes, the epitome of winning Swedish-ness afterall! This photo of Giggsy as a Swedish milk maid did make us laugh though!


The Swiss love to dress as cheese! Who doesn’t love a cheese hat or even a whole cheese costume?! We’ve yet to find Heidi, a bar of Swiss chocolate or a Swiss Army Knife…

South Korea

Eh-Sexy Lady, oh, oh, oh… let’s face it, there’s only one real option for South Korea dress-up, they’ve gotta go Gangnam Style! We hope you know the moves so you can join Psy and his crew, otherwise it’s time to get practicing! Alternatively, it seems that South Korean fans are mad for devil horns.


Tunisia was used as a desert/other world location for the first six Star Wars movies (except Episode V) so we just can’t work out why there aren’t more Tunisian Star Wars fans at the World Cup! Surely they don’t need any more of an excuse than this to don theirJedi robes and grab their lightsabres.

World Cup Accessories

Can’t see a country on our list? Some were just all about the facepaint! Paint yourself in your nation’s colours and you’re good to party. Check out Senegal. These guys look incredible!

Why not add some accessories, like coloured pop wigs, feather boas or hats for a finishing touch.