To get us all ready for the big presidential visit, we happily bring you ‘Donald Trump Parody Week!’ A week devoted to the best costumes ridiculing Trump in all his orange, wig-tastic glory. We’ve called it our ‘Donald Trump Collection’ and it’s going to be YUUUGE 👌.

Donny Small Hands

He’s orange, he’s scowling and he’s got tiny hands! Donny Small Hands will make fancy dress great again as he waves away protestors and those who mock him for his tiny Alice Bands (that’s cockney rhyming slang, btw). Inspired by the many memes that pay tribute to the 45th president, we could never let a little detail like this fly by us without notice.

Donald Dump

Donald Dump… there are just so many reasons! Trump has a face that looks like he’s taking a dump (just google it, it makes sense). It’s a spin on ‘Trump Dump’, the game app that’s been downloaded over 1 million times. There’s nothing intimidating about this guy when he’s in a corny poo costume on the loo!

El Trumpo

This costume is savage political satire on Trump’s “special” relationship with Mexico. He’s building a “great wall…a big, fat, beautiful wall”, don’t you know. Ride your Trump donkey in ridicule and wave your serape and banners in protest.

Big Baby Trump

Donald Trump is known for his big angry baby face, childish outbursts and toddler-like tantrums, hence Big Baby Trump. What better way to wound an already fragile presidential ego than by dressing-up Trump’s immature ways for all to see. Goo-Goo Ga-Ga your way around town and just try not to be a cry-baby if things don’t go your way.

Presi-dick Trump

This costume needs no explanation! If this is how you feel about President Trump then our inflatable Presi-dick Trump is the outfit for you. Be prepared to shock on-comers wearing this offensive creation but remember, Trump would never go anywhere quietly! Why not accessorise with a tie, blonde wig or a baseball cap to complete your Presi-dick look.

The Trumpkin

Trump parody was made for Halloween. Last year saw the phenomenon that was ‘The Trumpkin’, where people all over the world crafted pumpkin jack-o’-lanterns with hilarious Trump faces. This craze quickly led to costumes like this one. Trumps’ name just rhymes with too many good things!