The weather is warmer, the days are getting longer and Pride parades are now in full swing across the country. It’s time to party al fresco and take a positive stance on who you are – with PRIDE! Here are some stand-out, colour-filled fancy dress suggestions that’ll have you glittered and shiny as we celebrate our diverse communities.

[image: Claire Leach]

Pride Costumes

What better way to express yourself than in an actual Rainbow costume! The rainbow flag has become an iconic symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride. The multiple colours reflect diversity and it has been used in LGBT social movements since the 1970s. Following this 70s rainbow vibe, we have a groovy rainbow shirt as well as a rainbow hippy dress.

[image: Claire Leach]

If you’re looking for something a little more “loud and proud”, then how about our hilarious Only Gay in the Village costume. We saw quite a few of these at Brighton and Hove Pride last year – and we’re already on the countdown to this year’s ‘Colour My World’ themed do in August.

Fairytale characters are always popular and last month’s Birmingham Pride embraced a whole host of characters from Disney princesses, such as Belle and Snow White, through to King Triton and Maleficent. Storybook is easy to do and totally on trend when cross-gendered.

[image: Birmingham Mail]

If you’re looking to head out to your Pride Parade in a group, then you could rock a Stormtrooper or try a superhero theme. Likewise, Second Skin suits and Morphsuits are festival faves and available in a variety of colours, making them perfect for Pride en masse. These tight outfits are even funnier when teamed with crazy wigs and silly accessories, revealing more about the unique personality of you, the wearer. Make them shout ‘Pride’ by adding a rainbow stripe or rainbow feathers!

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[image: Claire Leach]

Pride Wigs

If you’re draping yourself in a flag or not wishing to go fully fancy dressed, then how about donning some colourful wigs? A wig can transform any outfit and you’ll slay like a Queen in some of these!

Pride Make-Up

Create vibrant rainbow faces with our easy-to-apply Snazaroo make-up range. A rainbow to the cheek, rainbow lips, rainbow eyes or, if you’re feeling more creative, how about having a go at this look here…

Alternatively, add a little glitter and sparkle from our Glitter Face and Body gels range for simple yet enhanced facial effects. Some of these even glow-in-the-dark for optimum after-party fun!

Pride Accessories

Oh honey, it’s all about the accessories! Feather boas, tiaras, top hats, rainbow socks (à la Justin Trudeau), novelty sunglasses… Literally anything bright and ‘out there’ goes at Pride. Just take a look at Queer Babadook (below) for inspiration. Fabulous accessories are only a click away.

Now off you go and get set for your Pride Parade 2018!