This May bank holiday the Jokers’ Masquerade team were lucky enough to spend the weekend at MCM Comic Con 2018 in London. We donned our costumes, grabbed our cameras, and travelled over to the Excel Centre for a weekend of everything fandom and geek culture.

If you’ve not heard of it before, Comic Con is a huge media convention, designed for the sole purpose of getting fans of everything pop culture, from tv and movies, to gaming and comics, to come together and enjoy a huge range of incredible events over the weekend.

It’s a chance for likeminded people to enjoy an event of their favourite fandoms, with incredible shopping opportunities, world class cosplay (check out the Breaking Bad duo below if you don’t believe us!), and the chance to meet their favourite actors and celebrities, with signings, photo opportunities and panel shows.

The weekend certainly didn’t disappoint, with guests including Letitia Wright (Shuri in Black Panther), Tom Ellis from Lucifer, the amazing Anthony Daniels who plays C3PO(!) and Walking Dead stars, Khary Payton and Cooper Andrews, as well as an array of other amazing guests. There were also hundreds of stalls with different shopping opportunities, including the Comic Village, where you’d have to really struggle not to find a comic for yourself.

However, as we’re Jokers’ Masquerade, the real event for us was the cosplay. There was such an amazing selection of costumes this year, and the amount of effort that was put into outfits was outstanding.

Just check out these three ladies looking glorious as the Bibbity Bobbity Boo trio Flora, Fauna and Mayweather!

Comic Con 2018 _ Jokers' Masquerade

As the weather was so great throughout the whole weekend, we placed ourselves in the courtyard ready to meet every character you could possibly think of, and we were not disappointed. Have a scroll down to see our top costumes from the weekend.


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