You might think that fancy dress and high fashion have nothing in common, but designer duo Rottingdean Bazaar have totally proven that wrong. Last year the pair took fashion inspiration from yours truly, and the results are phenomenal.

They found their inspiration whilst simultaneously looking through our fancy dress costumes, and catwalk photos, and found a few glaring similarities between the two.

Pairing costumes from our very own Orion brand with pieces from designers such as Gucci and Prada, they’ve found the funniest side of fashion. They even had the genius idea of photographing all of the matching fancy dress and designer pieces on twins.

And as we’re now a muse for everything fashionable, we thought we’d celebrate with our favourite five shots from Rottingdean Bazaar’s shoot.

Toilet Roll and Issey Miyake

Who knew that a Toilet Roll costume would look so at home paired next to a top from designer Issey Miyake?

Red Crayon Dress and Gucci

Our best-selling Red Crayon Dress certainly made a splash next to this Gucci raincoat and hat!

Astronaut Costume and Prada

The urge to make an ‘out of this world’ joke is very strong with this Astronaut costume!

Bell End Body Suit and Lou Dalton

Lou Dalton taking inspiration from our Bell End Body Suit (top tip – look closely at the names on the suit)

Groping Granny and Tommy Hilfiger

We never knew our naked, Groping Granny costume could look so similar to this fetching number from Tommy Hilfiger.

And there you have it, proof that Joke is the newest on-trend source of everything fashionable you’ll need for this season.

To read the full article in i-D, visit here, or click here to view the photographer’s Instagram page.