We’re so excited for MCM Comic Con this bank holiday weekend. If you’ve already booked your tickets then we’ll see you there! If not, or if you’re looking for an excuse to go, then here’s why you need to be there…

1. Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay is a huge part of MCM Comic Con and it’s all about dressing-up as your favourite character from TV, film or the gaming world. If you’ve always wanted to be Pickle Rick or a fully-fledged Enterprise crew member from Star Trek then this is your chance – and you will not be alone!

Show off your costume efforts by entering the Cosplay Masquerade, where you can demonstrate other talents from singing (like Elsa and Jack Frost pictured below), through to dance moves, stunts and other character attributes your chosen creation might have.

There’ll be plenty of photo and video opportunities for those of you who enjoy taking centre stage and fancy going viral!


2. Trending Cosplay

Black Panther costumes have been a constant news feature since the film’s release. Watch out for Afrofuture themed cosplay straight from Wakanda.

Following Gal Gadot’s incarnation last year, Wonder Woman has become the most iconic of female superheroes. Expect lots of Amazonian warrior-like tributes.

Who’s that super cool exploradora? We’ve seen a rise in Dora the Explorer fans, which we’re confident will be reflected in this year’s show.

Pennywise, the IT clown of the moment. Possibly the scariest, most recognisable horror character revival of recent years and very likely to be trending ahead of Halloween.

Some cosplayers want to wear a costume as closely akin to the film original as possible. This is where Grand Heritage Costumes come in. Directly approved by the film licensors, these costumes are an impressive, as well as time-saving, option. We predict super deluxe versions of Batman, Superman and Edward Scissorhands aplenty.

If you need more inspiration, then why not take a look at our London Animé and Gaming Show blog.


3. The Special Guests

Always dreamed of meeting your favourite superhero or comic creator? Then now’s your chance!

We’ll be looking out for:

Brianna Hildebrand from Deadpool

Cooper Andrews from Walking Dead

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And Patricia Quinn, the original Magenta from Rocky Horror Show!

The list goes on: MCM Special Guests.

4. Kids Go FREE!

No need to hire a babysitter, children are actively encouraged to visit MCM (for free) in fancy dress. There’s even a Kids Zone, complete with face painting, light sabre training and a reading corner with huge, comfy bean bags. Basically, everything you need to keep the kids occupied!

5. Creatorscape

Brand new to 2018, Creatorscape allows a host of bloggers, vloggers, artists and makers to meet fans, share merchandise and talk about forthcoming projects on-stage.

6. The Fringe Festival

Activities arranged by fans, for fans. Mass Pokémon meets, League of Legends meets, as many meets as you could dream of! The Fringe Festival.

7. Gaming

There will be a smorgasbord of games developers and exhibitors showcasing their latest and forthcoming releases, so go get your game fix with the likes of !Idea Factory, Bandai Namco Game, pQube and Nintendo.

The 1990s are alive and kicking in the Retro Play area #mcmBHM16

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8. Comic Village

If you’re a comic book creator, artist, writer or fan, then Comic Village offers you the largest gathering of comic creators in the UK.

So many great attractions in one show. We look forward to seeing you there!