One of 2017’s Guinness World Record runners is Susan Ridgeon from Newbury. Susan chose to run the London Marathon in the most unusually epic way… dressed in our toilet roll costume!

Feeling totally inspired, we got in touch to find out more about her motivation to complete formidable run in full-on dress-up gear.

Susan’s Story

Running a marathon had always been a bucket list item for Susan, and after years of trying she finally managed to secure a ballot place for the 2017 London Marathon; an event that people come from all around the world to race in.

After running a half marathon dressed as the 118 man, and a 10km in a whoopee cushion costume previously, Susan was no novice to running in fancy dress. In fact, she even bravely completed a few 4-mile training runs before the marathon in her toilet roll costume – and yes, we can confirm she got some strange looks!

On the big day, not only did Susan finish the 26.2 mile marathon, she also managed to nab herself the Guinness World Record title for The Fastest Marathon dressed as a Toilet Roll (Female)! Susan explains that “To get the record, I had to run in under 5 hours. I ran it in 4 hours 54 minutes.”

This hilarious (and impractical) Toilet Roll costume not only broke a World Record, it also helped raise lots of money for charity.

I ran for 3 charities which meant something to me and my family. Marie Curie, Lullaby Trust & Nightingale House Hospice. I gave myself a target of £600 and exceeded that by raising £2,548.86!

So, besides the charitable benefits, the world record and ticking off a bucket list item, why did Susan choose the toilet roll? Susan explains, “I wanted an unusual costume that I could run in. I spent a few days going through all the costumes on your website before finally deciding on the toilet roll. Though some people didn’t know what I was.  An Irish newspaper thought I was a till roll!”

After achieving and succeeding her goal in 2017, raising lots of money and making it into the newspapers and the Guinness World Records, what was next for Susan?

Erm, Ninja Warrior UK, of course!

Susan attempted the near-impossible course on national TV and although she didn’t make it through the first round, it looked like she had a lot of fun!

Susan described her Ninja Warrior UK experience as “the most nerve wrecking experience of my life. I was relieved when I fell in! The audience loved it, it was a real crowd pleaser.”

When asked if she would do it all again, Susan explained that she definitely would, “who would have thought that a toilet roll costume would have created so many amazing opportunities for me?”

As for 2018, Susan hasn’t got any plans set in stone yet, but we’re sure to be keeping up with her on her adventures.