Spock from Star Trek
If you’re a Star Trek Fan, 5 April might have a special place in your heart. Today, in 2066, we make contact with the Vulcans for the first time when they land in Montana. Exciting, right?!

Even though it’s nearly 400 years until First Contact Day is actually celebrated (according to the TV show), many Trekkies already commemorate the day. Star Trek marathons, parties and, of course, a bit of cosplay are all great ways to get into the spirit of the day.

If you’re looking to throw a Star Trek party, then here’s a helping hand for you.

Star Trek Costumes

Star Trek Costume ideas

Star Trek costumes look great on everyone! Our range of super comfy t-shirts is perfect for going to Conventions or for lazing on the sofa for a mega marathon. Finish the look with suit trousers or jeans.

Star Trek Spock T-shirtStar Trek Scotty ShirtStar Trek Kirk costume

Or if a dress is more your style we have Uhura’s costume. This dress also looks great with jeans or leggings.

Star Trek Uhura

Makeup ideas

If you’re looking to take your look a bit further, then take a peek at this great tutorial by McKenzie Catron! Make sure you finish your look with a pair of official Spock ears!

Alien Fancy Dress

If you’re wanting to think outside of the box, then Alien costumes might be the way to go. Space creatures appear all the time on Star Trek, and these costumes are great for a fancy dress party or TV show marathon. They are super comfy and are very fun to wear.

Green AlienAlien OnesieAlien Lord

Alternatively, if you’re feeling more creative, you could grab some of our Snazzaroo paints and one for the costumes below and create your own Alien critter. Army costumes, astronauts and other uniforms can make brilliant Alien outfits. If you’re struggling for makeup ideas, have a look at our Alien Makeup Pinterest board.

Space Girl costumeAstronaut costume Orange astronaut costume


Throwing a space party and need more inspiration? Take a peek at our Star Trek Pinterest board.