We love festivals – the music, the dancing, the food, the drinks and, obviously, the costumes! We are always on the lookout for excuses to dress up (as if we really need an excuse)! So if you are a festival-goer and you love fancy dress, here is a list of events you really need to check out!

1. Bestival

Dates: 2 Aug – 5 Aug 2018

Location: Dorset

Bestival is THE fancy dress festival. Every year the festival sets a theme and everyone gets involved. Previous themes include Summer of Love, HMS Bestival and Wildlife. The beautiful grounds of Lulworth Castle are usually decked out to fit the theme, and everyone dresses up. This year’s theme is Circus, so think ringmasters, clowns, and animals.

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2. Glastonbury

Dates: 26 June – 30 June 2019

Location: Somerset

Glastonbury has a bit of everything for everyone. Anything goes at Glastonbury, including ridiculous fancy dress. Usual fancy dress costumes include large groups of Where’s Wallys, anything 80s, and costumes of whoever is in the “Legend” slot. 2018 is a fallow year for Glastonbury, so that the fields and local towns can have a break. The next festival is in June 2019.

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3. 2000 Trees

Dates: 12 July – 14 July 2018

Location: The Cotswolds

This independent music festival has surged in popularity since it began in 2007 and with good reason. A more affordable festival, it sees local indie bands mingle with more famous names, covering a wide range of genres. The fancy dress theme is usually announced fairly close to the festival so keep your eyes peeled for announcements.

4. The Beat-Herder Festival

Dates: 13 July – 15 July 2018

Location: Ribble Valley

The Beat-Herder festival provides a more alternative music festival experience, with an emphasis on dubstep, techno, house and lots of drum & bass. Previous dress up themes have been the letters B, E, A T, H,E,R and D in that order. This year, it will probably be E, so look at Elephants, Elvis and Elves.

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5. Camp Bestival

Dates: 27 July – 30 July 2018

Location: Dorset

Camp Bestival provides a much more family-friendly experience with plenty of old and new music to appeal to parents and kids alike. There are all kinds of family activities taking place and the theme this year is Camp Bestival Sets Sail. So expect all kinds of nautical fun from sailors to pirates, squids to lobsters!

6. Shambala

Dates: 23 Aug – 26 Aug 2018

Location: Northamptonshire

Shambala is a great festival celebrating the weird and wonderful. The event puts a big emphasis on fancy dress, especially during the parades on Saturday. The carnival theme for the parade is Avent Garden, so think flowers, butterflies and beetles! Everyone goes all out on their costumes, and it always looks incredible. Other happenings at Shambala include live music, dance workshops, cabaret performances and Nipple Tassel making classes.

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