We took a trip down to the London Anime & Gaming Convention on Sunday for some cosplay costume inspiration. We were blown away by the excellent creations and amount of effort that had gone into everyone’s outfits.

What is London Anime & Gaming Con?

London Anime & Gaming Con takes place twice a year at London Metropolitan University’s Rock Complex. The Convention is a lot smaller than a lot of other London comic conventions but is much more chilled out. There are loads of merchandise stands where you can spend a fortune on all kinds of Anime and Gaming goodies. The convention also has a strong focus on cosplay, with loads of panels and performances that are based on costumes from upcoming and famous cosplayers. Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite costumes from the convention.

Puppet Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

As big fans of the Legend of Zelda series, we completely fangirled over this fantastic costume from Gemma Cosplay. Apparently, so did the Judges as she won first place for that day’s Cosplay Masquerade!

“I’m absolutely in love with the Zelda series. This version of Zelda was the version I felt would challenge me the most as a cosplayer and improved my technique. Also, I just love the character! It took me about five months to make my costume. Putting on the costume and make-up in the morning alone takes me 5 hours! It was my second Masquerade and first time winning so I was quite excited! It made making the costume worth it even more. I practised my performance for about 1 and a half hours.”

Gemma Cosplay at Puppet Zelda
Cosplayer: Gemma Cosplay

Foxy the Pirate Fox from Five Nights at Freddie’s

Despite working in the Halloween industry, we’re pretty afraid of jump-scares. We played FNAF as a team building exercise once and some of us are still unable to sleep! Delzdev’s very realistic Foxy cosplay terrified us when we saw it. The ultimate surprise animatronic gave us an insight into how they made their formidable costume:

“It all began by watching [YouTuber] Markiplier’s FNAF and he received his first jump scare from Foxy! (Coincidentally he came to London to do a tour the week LAGC was happening). Also, I was inspired by SasukeHarber and Vix N dwnq who made Foxy cosplays! Foxy took five months to put together on a day in and out basis. Recreating the mask was challenging, especially attaching the jaw and wiring the lights inside.”

DelDev as Foxy from Five Nights At Freddy's at London Anime & Gaming Con
Cosplayer: Delz Dev

Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Carrying on with the “game” part of London Anime & Gaming Con, PJR Cosplay’s costume of notorious pirate and Master Assassin extraordinaire Edward Kenway is an incredible likeness of the real character. He looked like he was ready to set sail having covered every detail from the classic oversized hood down to the tiny logos on the pistols. He even got posing for pictures down to a fine art!

PJR Cosplay as Edward Kenway from Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
Cosplayer: PJR Cosplay

Elsa from Frozen and Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians

Let it snow! The internet’s favourite shipped couple appeared on stage at the Cosplay Masquerade wearing perfectly matching outfits. Jack and Elsa have been an “item” pretty much since Frozen was released, according to many online forums (looking at you, Tumblr and Reddit). There’s even a partition to get an Elsa/Jack movie made! Seeing these two cosplayers perform was magical and we loved seeing this power couple come to life.

Cosplayers as Elsa From Frozen and Jack Frost From Rise Of The Guardians


Mai from Overwatch and Pyro from Team Fortress 2

Also dancing onto the Masquerade stage was this unlikely combination: scientific heroine Mai and the insane and delusional Pyro! The pair were brought to life by Two Faced Cosplay and Glasses of Galaxies Cosplay, doing an hilarious (and excellently choreographed) lip-sync battle.

Two Faced Cosplay as Pyro and Glasses Of Galaxies as Mai

Credit: Two Faced Cosplay and Glasses of Galaxies

Hinaki Shinjō, Akari Ōzora and Sumire Hikami from Aikatsu!

We were lucky enough to meet the idols of Starlight Academy! In real life, cosplayers Kiwiusagi, Idolsaur and Fluffy Cactus are a group of friends who met during a convention and now cosplay together! These girls got an honourable mention in the Cosplay Masquerade for their super adorable dance performance.

Kiwiusagi, Idolsaur and Fluffy Cactus Cosplay as the Idols from Starlight Academy
Credit: Kiwiusagi, Idolsaur and Fluffy Cactus Cosplay

Hatake Kakashi from Naruto and Deadpool

Fifty Shades Freed has been in the cinemas for a couple of weeks now, so clearly this is a perfect time to catch up on the books! This spot-on cosplay was spotted happily reading in the Rocket Complex’s courtyard, along with Deadpool, who is often caught reading the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

In real life, these two cosplayers are a couple and are expecting the pitter patter of mini Deadpool feet sometime in the summer! Congratulations guys! Couple goals. Right here!

Cosplayers as Hatake Kakashi from Naruto and Deadpool at London Anime & Gaming Con

Dabi from Boku No Hero Academia

Boku No Hero Academia (otherwise known as My Hero Academia) is pretty much the series of the moment regarding cosplay. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. There is such a vast selection of characters but Dabi has been the standout for us! At London Anime & Gaming Con this League of Villains character made it to reality, just as planned! This glorious character has been beautifully brought to life by Khama (Scapegoat Cosplay).

Khama as Dabi from Boku No Hero Academia at London Anime & Gaming Con
Credit: Khama (Scapegoat Cosplay)


London Anime & Gaming Convention takes place twice a year at The Rocket Complex.

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