Hurray, we made it! 2017 is finally over and it’s been one rollercoaster of a year. We’ve seen the rise of the infamous Trumpkins, the continuation of the ‘Killer Clown’ fancy dress craze and absolutely anything retro 80s!

Scroll down and take a look at our roundup of the best costumes of 2017. From Kim Kardashian to Stranger Things, we’ve curated all the best trends for you to check out.

Donald Trump

Meeting Hilary aka @joelycett

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The inauguration of Donald Trump has been this year’s biggest talking point so it’s no surprise that Trump costumes and orange face paint have been the top pick for trick-or- treaters. Out of this a new (and slightly more terrifying) trend has been born – the Trumpkin! It’s estimated that over 6,000 Trump carved pumpkins have found social media fame.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown

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27 years on and the creepiest clown of all-time was back on our screens with a vengeance. Hello Pennywise! After the killer clown media frenzy of 2016, it was inevitable that clowns were not going to disappear for 2017. The re-make of Stephen King’s epic film IT saw Pennywise and red balloons at the top of the ‘hottest clown get-up to be seen in’. The #Pennywise Instagram tributes were incredible and the best dressed Pennywise celebrity award was definitely owed to Keith Lemon during his Celebrity Juice Halloween 2017 Special.

Poison Ivy

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Following movie trends, our Poison Ivy inspired Lethal Beauty was a phenomenal Halloween bestseller. The iconic superhero character has been created successfully by many celebrities over the years, including Kim Kardashian in 2011. Who do you think has worn it best? Likewise, another movie classic has influenced a whole host of famous dress-up by Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Martin Freeman. Meet 2017’s most iconic couple, the Delinquents.

Stranger Things

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We loved all the homemade costumes that we saw trending on Pinterest. In particular, a surge in Stranger Things attire. A pink dress, tube socks, fake blood and a box of waffles for Eleven; plaid shirt and oversize glasses for Barb and a shearling cord jacket for Nancy. A reminder that a Halloween costume does not have to be a walking dead zombie.

Back to the 80s

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We’ve got love for you if you were born in the 80s… Yes, with the rise of all you party animals born in this neon, punk, rock filled decade, costumes like our I Love the 80s Dress, Rockstar Housewife and Miami Vice style Crockett and Tubbs outfits were spotted almost everywhere across the UK party and festival scenes. As we know, the 80s wasn’t just about shell suits and ra-ra skirts and so, from 80s superheroes such as Bananaman through to TV personalities such as Mr Motivator, our 80s fancy dress range continues to expand. Even the celebrities out there are channelling the 80s vibe, from Beyoncé, Blue Ivy’s and Tina Lawson’s outing as hip hop trio Salt-N-Pepa through to Paris Hilton as She-Ra Princess of Power and Heidi Klum’s six hour transformation into Michael Jackson’s Thriller Wolf. The retro decade is set to continue its popularity in the costume stakes throughout 2018 (with maybe a little growing 90s girl power alongside it…!).

Stag and Hen Fancy Dress

Group crazes for 2017 included dressing as a team of moving Road Cones, going Oompa Loompa in our Chocolate Worker costumes and bringing a bit of cosplay to the masses, team Super Mario were simply everywhere!

Fancy a game of pub golf? We saw plenty of you joining in this sporting bit of fun over the summer holidays, be it for hen and stag parties or group nights out. We were excited to see so many of you dressed in our creations in a winning choice of colourful golfing gingham: black and gold, pink and purple and simple black and white.


Festivals have always been a key influence and source of inspiration for those of us in the fancy dress world. From original Woodstock hippy chic through to 80s festivals such as Rewind, fancy dress has always been festival de rigour, even if you’re just wearing something a little less ordinary than your usual get-up, be it a token feather boa or flamboyant sparkly hat. Bestival takes fancy dress creativity to the next level. 2017’s theme of ‘colour’ saw the emergence of dazzling crayon groups and homemade retro style Lovehearts. Meanwhile, September’s biggest beer festival, Oktoberfest, continues the hilarious demand for Lederhosen and Heidi outfits!

We hope you enjoyed our 2017 costume round-up and are now armed with ideas for what to wear (or not to wear) in 2018. Watch this space for top costume predictions for this year as we await the latest trends, big events and exciting new costume lines heading our way.